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For the love of cheese...

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Our Story

In the heart of 2021, a group of friends and colleagues embarked on a deliciously daring adventure. United by our passion for both friendship and fine flavors, we set out to revolutionize the world of cheese. Armed with innovation and a desire to make a difference, we dared to dream of a plant-based paradise where taste knows no bounds.

Faced with a gap as wide as the cheddar aisle, we zeroed in on a crucial missing element: protein. Determined to bridge this nutritional gap, we poured our hearts and minds into the task, fueled by a relentless passion for innovation.

Countless experiments and taste tests later, we emerged triumphant, presenting to the world the UK's first plant-based cheese boasting a whopping 12% protein content. The first in the U.K. to be labelled as a "source of protein".

So join us on this cheesy adventure as we continue to redefine what it means to be a cheese entrepreneur. Together, we'll savor the taste of success, one nutritious bite of plant-based perfection at a time.

Meet The Alt Farmers

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